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Will Your Insurance Cover Pain Management?

By Spine and Sports Medicine

The cost for pain management is most likely covered by your insurance policy when out-of-network benefits are extended. Spine and Sports Medicine has insurance experts on staff to process all out-of-network patient insurance claims for ...

What Can You Do About Your Hip Pain?

By Spine and Sports Medicine

Accurately diagnosing the cause of your hip pain is crucial. Our Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Team works in unison to correctly diagnose the underlying cause of your discomfort. Then, we will design a customized multidisciplinary treatment plan...

How to Find Cost-Effective Ankle Pain Treatment in NYC

By Spine and Sports Medicine

Cost-effective ankle pain treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis of your discomfort by a Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Team. Why is this important? An inaccurate diagnosis of your ankle pain will make any treatment worthless. Only an...

How to Find Cost-Effective Physical Therapy in NYC

By Spine and Sports Medicine

Only a multidisciplinary approach to physical therapy is cost-effective treatment. Our Multidisciplinary Physical Therapy Team works in sync to accurately diagnose injuries and medical conditions. Then, we customize the most cost-effective...

Multidisciplinary Pain Management vs. Conventional Treatment

By Spine and Sports Medicine

Multidisciplinary Pain Management is more cost-effective and achieves quicker results than does conventional treatment. Spine and Sports Medicine – spearheaded by Medical Director Dr. Brian Kessler – is a unique multidisciplinary pain management...

How to End Your Foot Pain Today

By Spine and Sports Medicine

You can end your foot pain today by reaching out to the Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Team. Look: The foot is the foundation of the body’s lower extremity movement. This is important because your body refers pain to the feet. Pain in your foot is...

Where to go for Premier ACL Tear Physical Therapy in NYC

By Spine and Sports Medicine

The Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Treatment Team at Spine and Sports Medicine have the specialization to stabilize and rehabilitate your torn ACL pre- and post-surgery. Extensive Physical Therapy is essential both before and after ACL surgery for...

How Acupuncture Treats Pain

By Spine and Sports Medicine

Acupuncture treats pain based on an energetic model of the human body. When there is an imbalance of energy in the meridians of the body, pain or disease occurs. The insertion of very fine needles at a given point in these meridians will restore...

Pain Management Can Relieve Your Nagging Back Pain

By Spine and Sports Medicine

Only experienced pain management supported by an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your nagging back pain will give you relief. When your back pain is limiting your quality of life and productivity, you need our Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Team

Where to Find NYC’s Best Chiropractors

By Spine and Sports

Only the best Doctors of Chiropractic in NYC use new and innovative techniques when treating patients suffering from acute, chronic, and disabling pain. This has been the mission of the Doctors of Chiropractic at Spine and Sports Medicine since...