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Where to Go for Foot Pain Care in NYC

Foot PainImproper footwear is a primary cause of foot pain. Misfit shoes alter one’s natural walking stride and places an active person at a much greater risk for developing foot pain. Improper or restrictive movement of the feet will also adversely affect one’s ankles, knees, hips, and cause lower back pain. You can find foot pain care in NYC by reaching out to the Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Team at Spine and Sports Medicine.

Foot Pain Care in NYC

Pain in your foot is a red flag that something is wrong with the internal structures of your body. Pain is sent to the feet because they are the foundation of your lower body’s movement.

The insurance experts at Spine and Sports Medicine will help you to determine your coverage and assist in processing your claims. When insurance coverage for foot pain treatment is not available – or is limited – a breakdown of physical therapy costs at Spine and Sports Medicine is as follows:

  • $250 for your initial consultation with one of our of Physical Therapy
  • $150 per physical therapy session
  • Payment plans

Insurance Coverage for Foot Pain Care

Spine and Sports Medicine has insurance experts on staff to help you process all out-of-network patient insurance claims.

  • No requirement for an outside referral
  • Most out-of-network insurance providers are accepted at Spine and Sports Medicine
  • All insurance coverage and deductibles will be verified through our insurance processing experts
  • Insureds facing a substantial deductible will be offered a payment plan designed to meet individual budget needs

Common Causes of Foot Pain

Your feet carry you about your daily activities. The arches of your foot are the primary structures controlling the amount of ground force impacting your body.

  • Misfit shoes restrict and/or redirect the normal movement of joints in your feet, leading to foot pain and even arthritis
  • Repetitive stress from walking or running excessively or in bad form

The joints, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments in your feet absorb the shock of the rest of your body’s over-exertion or malfunction.

Misfit Shoes and Foot Pain

Misfit shoes and improper stride will distribute a person’s weight unevenly throughout the body.

  • High-heels
  • Slings
  • Flip flops
  • Tight shoes
  • Loose shoes

Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain

Pain to the heel of your foot is a form of tendonitis known as plantar fasciitis. A band of fibrous tissue – from the heel bone to the toes – extends along the bottom of your foot. If this tissue becomes inflamed due to over exertion – power walking or excessive running – it will become inflamed. This inflammation causes plantar fasciitis.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Provider

Spine and Sports Medicine specializes in the treatment of plantar fasciitis to get patients on the go again without foot pain. Our patient-focused treatment regimen:

  • Reduce inflammation in the heel
  • Alleviate pain in the heel
  • Strengthen the foot
  • Improve the foot’s flexibility
  • Correct stride
  • Get you on the go again!

Strengthening the damaged arch tissue will release pressure to the heel and allow it to rehabilitate. Treatment protocol includes:

  • Limiting the movement of the foot
  • Conducting thorough diagnostic testing
  • Designing an individualized physical therapy program

With effective physical therapy, plantar fasciitis can heal properly. Within the span of a year, patients at Spine and Sports Medicine can expect to fully recover from plantar fasciitis without the need for foot surgery.

One-Stop Foot Pain Care

At Spine and Sports Medicine in Midtown Manhattan, we offer a vast array of convenient appointment availability.

  • 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • Off-hours for scheduling appointments
  • Selected evenings appointments throughout the work week
  • Mornings or afternoons on Saturdays

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