How Acupuncture Works as Part of a Multidisciplinary Approach to Pain Management

Acupuncture-1.jpgProfessional acupuncture treatment is a pain management tool recognized by the World Health Organization and the National Institutes for Health. During your initial visit, our acupuncture specialist at spine_and_sports_medicine will comprehensively review your health history and obtain a solid understanding of your health issues. Acupuncture points are located on meridians through which gi vital energy runs. A healthy body is the result of a harmonious balance of the life force known by traditional Chinese medicine as gi or chi – energies flowing through pathways within the body.

Acupuncture Supplements a Multidisciplinary Pain Management Approach

Acupuncture is traditional Chinese Medicine and is most effective for relieving pain when it incorporated with Western Medicine – a Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Approach.

Acupuncture treatment involves:

  • Thin needles are inserted at various depths, depending upon the patient’s diagnosed medical condition
  • The patient’s skin in targeted areas of pain – the head, torso, limbs and extremities
  • There are 350 acupuncture points in the human body
  • The body’s energy pathways are accessed through the insertion of small, thin needles in targeted areas of discomfort to release or redirect the body’s energy
  • Through acupuncture therapy, the body is brought back into its proper balance

Therapeutic pain relief treatment through acupuncture helps to circulate energy to your targeted area of discomfort.

  • Pain relief
  • Relief from nausea due to pregnancy and chemotherapy
  • Increasing motor range of motion
  • Expediting recovery time

Acupuncture is a vital component of a multidisciplinary therapeutic practice treating:

  • Chronic pain
  • Acute pain
  • Neurological disorders
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Joint pain
  • Headaches
  • TMJ

Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Team Approach

At spine_and_sports_medicine, we incorporate acupuncture as a vital component of our Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Pain Management Approach.

Frequency of Acupuncture Treatment

The frequency of your acupuncture treatments will depend on:

  • The severity of your medical condition
  • The intensity of your pain
  • The length of time you have been experiencing your medical condition

After gauging your body’s response to the first treatment, the frequency of treatments will be determined by the acupuncturist. For optimum results, one to two treatments per week initially will create the momentum in treatment you need to obtain lasting results. As your condition improves, acupuncture therapy will be scheduled less frequently to allow for combining other recommended therapeutic treatment.

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