275 Madison E 40th St.

Contact: 212-986-3888

275 Madison E 40th St.

Contact: 212-986-3888

NYC Pain Management Doctors | Best Pain Management Clinic

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NYC’s Top Pain Management Center

Spine and Sports Medicine’s pain management facility in New York is a unique and comprehensive office, providing extensive diagnostic and therapeutic services in one location. The clinical cornerstone of the facility is its multidisciplinary team consisting of pain management specialists which benefits the patient, employer, and insurer. This approach assures clinical excellence, cost effectiveness, and most importantly, compassionate and effective pain treatment.

Our local pain management doctors and specialists are here to provide you with absolute pain relief. At our pain management clinic you will be treated by top rated pain management doctors with years of experience treating chronic pain. Our pain management clinic is the best rated in the city.

Areas Treated By Our Pain Management Doctors in NYC

  • Pain Management For The Face
  • Pain Management For The Shoulder
  • Pain Management For The Neck
  • Pain Management For The Upper, Mid, And Lower Back
  • Pain Management For The Elbow
  • Pain Management For The Hand And Wrist
  • Pain Management Treatment For The Hip
  • Pain Management Treatment For The Knee
  • Pain Management Treatment For The Foot And Ankle
  • Pain Management For The Head (Migraines, Headaches, etc)

Our pain management physicians have decades of experience diagnosing and treating pain areas. What makes us unique, is the comprehensive approach we take when treating our patients. The answer isn’t always “an epidural for back pain”. Pain management for back can include massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, and more.

This is our point. Our pain management center is here to help you. Our top rated pain management doctors are eager to get you back on your feet. Whether your looking for pain management for shoulder, pain management for ankle, pain management for migraine, or pain management for any other area listed above, we are ready to treat you today.

Worried about costs? Don’t Be! Most of our pain management services are covered by insurance. Not only are we affordable, but we are one of the top chronic pain management clinics in the city.

NYC’s Top Physiatrist

At Spine and Sports Medicine we have the top local physiatrists here to help treat all your pain management needs. Our board certified physiatrists not only treat the common causes of pain, but we also specialize in sports physiatry.

Our physiatrist therapist is an expert when it comes to comprehensive pain management. So if you are trying to find a physiatrist or sports physiatrist, look no further than Spine and Sports Medicine.  It is time to finally get the pain relief you’ve been looking for, visit the best physiatrist in NYC.

Please fill out your information to the right or call (212) 986-3888 to get started. Our chronic pain management doctors are waiting for your call.

*Sorry we cannot accepted Medicaid, Medicare, or Workman’s Comp at this time*

Testimonial About Our Pain Relief and Pain Management  Doctors

After having my first child I started to experience some low back pain. I’ve never had back pain before and was really worried that something was really wrong with my back. What made matters worse, I couldn’t carry my new baby as much as I’d like. The professional staff at Spine and Sports Medicine answered all of my questions, eased my stress and really helped my low back return to normal.

Rosie B.