275 Madison E 40th St.

Contact: 212-986-3888

275 Madison E 40th St.

Contact: 212-986-3888

The best chiropractic care for athletes is comprised of a multidisciplinary treatment team, including:

  • A physiatrist
  • A chiropractic physician
  • A physical therapist

This multidisciplinary team works in concert to ensure that each of our athletic patients experiences complete healthcare. Since 1993, Spine and Sports Medicine has provided compassionate, top quality chiropractic care to 100s of athletes suffering from injury and pain.

To rehabilitate an athlete’s pain and discomfort, the team:

  • Evaluates the condition
  • Diagnoses the cause of the condition
  • Treats the condition

Chiropractor for Athletes

Our chiropractic center welcomes patients into a first class, spa-like environment with warm and inviting décor. Every patient is provided with an individualized treatment plan of action to rejuvenate athletic exceptionalism.

  • Most athletic injuries involve the misalignment of the musculoskeletal system – the spine and surrounding muscles and joints
  • Misalignment adversely affects an athlete’s overall health, including the nervous system
  • Chiropractic care alleviates pain through gentle manipulation of the spine, joints, and muscles
  • Effective chiropractic care achieves a healthy spine, nervous system, muscles, and joints

Best Chiropractor for Athletes

Discover the foremost providers of chiropractic care for athletes at Spine and Sports Medicine. All-encompassing diagnostic testing, chiropractic treatment, and sports medicine services are available to you within one convenient location. To schedule your appointment with one of our chiropractic physicians, please click below or call 212.986.3888.

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