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275 Madison E 40th St.

Contact: 212-986-3888

A herniated disc is an injury that requires specialized rehabilitation entailing an extended period of recovery. Improper diagnosis and treatment will prolong recovery. Before pursuing invasive surgery to treat a herniated disc, you must have the cause of your pain properly diagnosed by a doctor specializing in the treatment of herniated discs .

Treating a Herniated Disc

At Spine and Sports Medicine there are non-invasive treatment options to alleviate your pain from herniated disc and get you back to your active, healthy lifestyle.

Herniated discs:

  • Commonly occur in people 30 to 50 years of age
  • Develop as a result of trauma or injury to the neck
  • A bulging disc pinches or presses on a cervical nerve
  • Symptoms begin without warning – spontaneously
  • Result in a pinching pain that radiates along the arm
  • Cause pain accompanied by numbness and tingling down the arm into the fingertips
  • Commonly cause arm muscle weakness

The three best options for treating a herniated disc:

The Board Certified chiropractors, physical therapists, and physiatrists at Spine and Sports Medicine work in concert to provide whole body wellness through cutting edge, non-invasive techniques. Herniated discs are resolved effectively and cost-efficiently.

A Herniated Disc

  • Discs separate the vertebrae and act as soft, compressible, shock absorbers throughout the spine
  • A herniated disc is one that has ruptured after being injured – bulging – and left untreated
  • Disc injuries cause a vast array of pain throughout the body and worsen through bending, twisting, and reaching movements
  • A herniated disc in the neck area of your spine may be causing pain to radiate from your neck through your shoulder and arm
  • A herniated disc in your mid-to lower back may be causing pain to radiate into the buttocks and leg
  • Discomfort may also be experienced through tingling, numbness, and weakness

At Spine and Sports Medicine, your medical history, medications, lifestyle, and symptoms are fully evaluated during an in-depth diagnostic testing process. Taking your symptoms and history into consideration, onsite use of an X-ray, a CT scan, or a MRI scan will be utilized to accurately diagnose your condition and rule out other potentially serious medical conditions.

The Spine and Sports Medicine Difference

The Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Professionals at Spine and Sports Medicine provide individualized treatment plans for patients suffering from a herniated disc in one convenient location.

Please click the icon below to dowload a free copy of Dr. Brian Kessler’s recently published eBook on pain management – or, call to schedule a consultation – 212.986.3888.

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