275 Madison E 40th St.

Contact: 212-986-3888

275 Madison E 40th St.

Contact: 212-986-3888

While there may be several physical therapy centers to choose from in your area, you must do research on each provider to make certain they are equipped to handle your specific needs. Dr. Brian Kessler – Medical Director of Spine and Sports Medicine since 2000 – has complied 5 tips for you to consider before settling on a physical therapy center.

Physical Therapy Center

Since 1993, the rehabilitation and pain management specialists at Spine and Sports Medicine have successfully treated 1000s of patients through its celebrated multi-disciplinary physical therapy practice . Using a multi-team approach, the M.D.s, Doctors of Physical Therapy, and Doctors of Chiropractic at Spine and Sports Medicine rehabilitate medical conditions and injuries through:

  • Sports Medicine
  • Pain Management
  • Orthopedic Care
  • Acupuncture Therapy
  • Medical Massage Therapy

Expert Physical Therapy Center

Select only a properly educated, trained, licensed, and experienced practitioner offering state-of-the-art facilities and all-encompassing hours of operation:

  • Research and make certain the Physical Therapist has earned a Doctoral Degree from an accredited physical therapy educational institute
  • Dr. Cindy Lai – Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Dr. Andrew Rosenberg – Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Make certain the Physical Therapist is licensed by your state
  • Ross Pirowskin – MS, PT
  • Chris Kish – PT
  • Amy Kwan – PT
  • Make certain the Physical Therapist is American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) certified in a specialization related to your medical condition and/or injury, specifically, having outpatient orthopedic experience treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions across all patient age groups
  • Locate a Physical Therapy Center that is properly equipped to provide rehabilitation and pain management services addressing your medical condition and/or injury. Seek out a center having advanced modalities – thermal, sound, and electrical therapies – in addition to the most advanced strengthening equipment and exercise machines.
  • Check to make certain the Physical Therapy Center has a vast array of clinical hours of operation. The center must be able to attend to your physical therapy needs two to three times per week initial and should be able to accommodate your schedule. Look for a center that is open on selected evenings throughout the work week and mornings or afternoons on Saturdays.

Leading Physical Therapy Center

The multidisciplinary physical therapy team at Spine and Sports Medicine have successfully treated 1000s of patients through its unique approach. Discover all-encompassing rehabilitation and pain management physical therapy in one convenient Midtown Manhattan location.

Schedule your consultation with one of the physical therapy specialists at Spine and Sports Medicine today. Please click the icon below and enter your information – or, call direct – 212.986.3888.

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