275 Madison E 40th St.

Contact: 212-986-3888

275 Madison E 40th St.

Contact: 212-986-3888

The hip is an extremely important and complex joint. Poor spinal alignment can cause back pain, which in turn results in hip pain. Likewise, dysfunctional hips cause back pain. Some people experience knee pain radiating from their hip pain.

The pain experts at Spine and Sport Medicine will diagnose the cause of pain to your hip – the acetabular joint – and you will begin a personalized treatment plan to solve the underlying cause of your hip dysfunction.

Experiencing Hip Pain

Hip pain is caused by a number structural problems:

  • Poor spinal mechanics
  • Knee problems
  • Foot problems
  • Ankle problems
  • Muscular weakness, injury or dysfunction
  • Ligament weakness, injury or dysfunction
  • Arthritis within the acetabulum
  • Congenital abnormalities and anomalies

Prompt diagnosis and treatment for your hip pain is crucial because the acetabulum can cause other parts of your musculoskeletal system to degrade. Painful hip conditions are most commonly caused by a misalignment of the spine.

  • Using high tech/high touch physical therapy in concert with a variety of highly specialized exercises, your painful hip condition will be mitigated at Spine and Sports Medicine
  • Effective chiropractic care at Spine and Sports Medicine is patient-focused through gentle manipulation of the spine, acetabular joint and surrounding muscles

Expert Diagnosis and Treatment of Hip Pain

The physical therapy and chiropractic experts at Spine and Sports Medicine work with our physicians and neurologist to manage your hip pain and resolve the cause of the underlying problem. Effective hip pain diagnostic testing must be focused upon the best individualized treatment plan for improving the strength and overall health of your hip to reduce pain.

Live a hip pain-free life by moving better and faster. Discover all-encompassing pain management treatment services available to you at one convenient location. To schedule your appointment with one of our physicians, please click below or call 212.986.3888.

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