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275 Madison E 40th St.

Contact: 212-986-3888

Reasons For Constant Injury

Avoidable injuries occur too often for most active people. This is because active people tend to push themselves too hard, never taking adequate time to fully warm up, cool down, as well as to rest and rejuvenate their bodies. Pain during an intense workout does not always mean you are making progress with your body. You could very well be hurting yourself by trying to reach that new plateau.

According to Dr. Brian Kessler – Medical Director of Spine and Sports Medicine – active people can avoid constant injuries through disciplined care.

Constant Injury

Spine and Sports Medicine excels at diagnosing and treating injuries caused by sports and other activities. Our multidisciplinary team of sports injury healthcare professionals will help you recoup and prevent constant injuries in the future. Unlike other sports injury centers, we thoroughly explore all non-invasive rehabilitation and pain treatment therapies before referring our patients to invasive surgery.

Reasons for Constant Injury

A few Pain Flags to heed when you are working out – or performing any physical activity – to avoid constant injuries.

  • Sudden pains
  • Sharp pains
  • Stabbing pains.

During any type of physical activity, these Pain Flag s are indicative of:

  • A primary injury
  • The prolonging of an existing injury
  • The pathway to a future injury

Avoid the Pain Flags . These are three possible reasons for constant injuries:

  • Lack of Fuel and Hydratio Injury prevention begins with ensuring your body is well-fueled and well-hydrated. An hour before your workout – or other planned physical activity – consume some food and drink plenty of water, fruit juice, or a hydrating sports drink. Make sure to prepare a carry along drink to consume during your workout and cool down.
  • Failure to Warm Up . Injury prevention begins with a slow, gentle yet thorough warm up by stretching your tendons and muscles. If you are working out or being active outside on a cold day, make sure to stay in a warm environment when stretching and warming up.
  • No Cool Down . Abruptly turning off your body’s metabolism and strength will heighten the possibility of muscle and tendon contraction. While hydrating yourself, cool down slowly with gentle muscle and tendon stretches. Keep walking or moving in some fashion to prevent a heart rate crash. Slowly – get your heart rate down – stretch and hydrate.

Injury Prevention Provider

If you lead an active lifestyle, you have a good chance of being injured when you push yourself too hard and do not avoid the Pain Flags . Discover all-encompassing sports injury treatment and rehabilitation in one convenient location at Spine and Sports Medicine. Schedule an appointment with one of our injury prevention specialists today by clicking below or calling 212.986.3888

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