Is Your Job a Pain in the Back?

midtown_pain_management_doctor_Your stressful work life can cause  back pain. A high-stress job can predispose even the healthiest of workers to experience their backs acting up. More and more in this 21st century, stressed-out white collar workers have demanding jobs that become a real pain in the back.

Job Stress Back Pain

Can you relate to these constant challenges during your work day? If so, you are under the job stress gun.

  • Project deadlines
  • Ringing telephones
  • Unanswered emails piling up
  • Unanswered text messages
  • Sitting in front of a computer all day

How Job Stress Seeks to Cause Havoc

Job stress will seek out the weakest link in your body.

According to brian_kessler – Medical Director of spine_and_sports_medicine – back pain is one of the top reasons for:

  • Doctor’s office visits during work hours
  • Days off work due to pain and disability
  • Work-related disability claims
  • Litigation stemming from back injuries at work

Lifting, standing, or sitting too long – combined with a stressful work environment – equals job-related back pain.

Relieving That Pain in Your Back

At spine_and_sports_medicine, a Multidisciplinary Team of Therapeutic Specialists will work in concert to relieve your pain and markedly improve your quality of life. Our goal is to restore your work performance and optimize your overall health.

  • Physicians
  • of Physical Therapy
  • of Chiropractic
  • Neurologists
  • Physiatrists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Acupuncturists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Other rehabilitation specialists

Ergonomic Assessment

Beginning with ergonomics, the back pain specialists at spine_and_sports_medicine can help you rethink your work environment. Ergonomics is the concept of thinking about how you treat your body during every work day.

  • Do you sit too much?
  • Stand too much?
  • Lift heavy objects inappropriately?
  • Is your body’s range of motion limited?
  • Does your work chair/desk align properly?

We can help you improve your work environment through a personalized ergonomic assessment and work-maintenance physical therapy program.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy encompasses specialized exercises, resistance training, and stretching helping to prevent and treat back pain.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustments involve the use of a Doctor’s skillful hands to apply force to the back. The spine is adjusted to help relieve back pain symptoms. Chiropractic care is a proven back pain treatment.

Job-Related Back Pain Specialists

Discover effective back pain treatment at spine_and_sports_medicine to help relieve your job-related discomfort. We offer a vast array of pain management services in NYC at a time convenient for you.

  • Appointment availability 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Off-hours for scheduling appointments
  • Selected evenings appointments throughout the work week
  • Mornings or afternoons on Saturdays

One Stop Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Center

spine_and_sports_medicine is pain management center providing a vast array of therapies within one convenient Midtown Manhattan location. Our cutting edge facility invites patients into a first class, spa-like environment with warm and inviting décor.

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