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Because the arm is used for so many common activities, elbow pain can cause significant disruption. The most common types of elbow pain are known as “tennis elbow,” which makes it difficult to grip objects, and “golfer’s elbow,” which causes pain on the inside of the elbow joint. Despite their names, these injuries can occur from a wide range of physical activities, such as using a screwdriver or any other twisting or hand-turning motion. Overuse or repeated pressure on the elbow joint can cause small tears to form in the soft tissue, particularly where the tendons anchor to bone. If a number of these tears occur over a period of time, they can cause discomfort and reduced movement of the elbow joint. Degenerative conditions, such as tendonitis, bursitis or arthritis, as well as small fractures, dislocations or nerve irritations caused by accident, can also cause elbow pain.

The strongest risk factor for “tennis elbow” is age. The peak incidence is between 34 and 54 years of age. There is no difference in incidence between men and women, and no connection has been demonstrated between this condition and the dominant hand.

* Patient Story
“I had severe, burning pain on the outside part of my elbow. Something as simple as lifting a cup of juice led to pain. Just touching it seemed to make it worse.”

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At Spine and Sports Medicine in midtown Manhattan, we know how to treat elbow pain and injury. Our multidisciplinary approach incorporates state-of-the-art medical technology, the finest healthcare expertise and comprehensive physical therapy to return you to a pain-free and active lifestyle.

Our physicians, chiropractors, and neurologists  specialize in treating pain and the disorders that cause pain. Our physical therapists are experts in rehabilitation and will help you learn how you can help yourself recover. Whatever the cause of your elbow pain, the professionals at Spine and Sports Medicine will diagnose and treat it using cutting-edge technology and the finest medical attention. Treatments may include simple medication, fluid drainage, exercise modification and physical therapy.

If you are experiencing elbow pain, please contact us to help relieve your pain and cure its cause.