Best Hand Doctor NYC

The hand is a very complex piece of anatomy, comprised of 26 bones, over 30 joints, roughly 20 muscles and over 40 ligaments and tendons. Because of how frequently we use our hands, they are susceptible not only to acute injury, but repetitive stress injuries.

Hand Pain Causes?

Hand pain must be correctly diagnosed, as pain can come from musculoskeletal problems like ligament strains or repetitive stress conditions, but can also come from neurological compression of nerves that originate in the spine, or possibly the elbow or wrist.
Often pain or tingling in the hand is actually originating in the neck, and may be indicative of a more serious problem, like a disc injury or arthritis. However, if the pain is truly originating from the hand itself, it is often very responsive to treatments as all structures are so shallow and accessible.

What Makes Us NYC’s Best Hand Pain Doctors

At Spine and Sports Medicine, conveniently located in midtown, we offer a comprehensive team approach unique in Manhattan. Our board-certified physical therapists work with our expert physicians, neurologist and chiropractors to manage your pain and solve the underlying cause. The team at Spine and Sports Medicine approaches your healthcare from every angle to provide an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan. If you are experiencing hand pain, please call or email us today to make an appointment.