Experienced NYC Hip Doctor

What many people call their hip is actually the top of the iliac crest (along the waistline.) The true hip is about six inches below the belt line and is where the femur bone (the long bone in the upper leg) articulates with the pelvis. The medical name for the hip joint is the acetabular joint. There are a number of muscles and ligaments that span the hip joint and run in its vicinity, and injury or dysfunction of these can also cause pain. Several conditions also refer pain to the hip (just as a heart attack can refer pain to the left arm.) This can be very misleading and falsely lead one to believe there is something wrong with the hip.

What Causes Hip Pain?

Hip pain can also be caused by arthritic changes in the acetabulum itself, but this is usually secondary to poor mechanics or a structural problem (i.e. a short leg) elsewhere in the body. Finally, there are congenital abnormalities and anomalies that can cause hip pain that need to be ruled out, although these are quite uncommon.

Why You Should Come to Spine and Sports For Hip Pain Management

At Spine and Sports Medicine, conveniently located in midtown, we offer a comprehensive team approach unique in Manhattan. Our board-certified physical therapists work with our expert physicians, neurologist and chiropractors to manage your pain and solve the underlying cause. The team at Spine and Sports Medicine approaches your healthcare from every angle to provide an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan. If you are experiencing hip pain, please call or email us today to make an appointment.