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NYC Acupuncture

Pain Management

The theory behind acupuncture’s ability to treat pain and disease is based on an energetic model of the human body. Pain or disease occurs in the body when there is a deficiency or an imbalance of the energy in the meridians. Acupuncture points are specific locations along the meridians. Over the centuries, it has been documented that the insertion of a very fine needle at a given point has a very predictable effect on the energy that passes through that point, restoring balance in the meridian.

Modern science has been able to measure the electrical charge at these points, confirming the location of the meridians that were mapped out in ancient times. Continued research has shown that acupuncture has the ability to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and stimulate the body’s own opiate-like chemicals to control pain.

Acupuncture needles are solid and hair-thin. Needles are sterile, single use and disposable. Therefore, there is no risk of contamination between patients.

According to the World Health Organization, the National Institutes for Health, and clinical experience, Acupuncture is useful in treatment of chronic and acute pain, neurological disorders, musculo-skeletal disorders, joint pain, headaches and TMJ.

Why Spine and Sports Medicine For Acupuncture?

Spine and Sports Medicine offers a variety of Acupuncture services to meet you health needs. Come in to De-Stress CEO style. This is designed for those who work in high stress environments. This treatment helps to calm the mind, improve sleep quality, relax the body, relieve neck, shoulders and back pain. As well as regulate metabolism and relieve stress.

If you are a work out buff or gym warrior a deeper needling focusing on specific trigger points may be what you need. It releases chronic muscle tension and aids faster recovery from activity-induced soreness.

Acupuncture will help bring circulation of energy to the area of discomfort to help reduce pain, Increase range of motion and expedite recovery time.

Acupuncture for Facial Rejuvenation

Many factors contribute to the visible signs of aging including sun damage, smoking, stress, diet and lifestyle. The skin is our largest organ and reflects the state of our internal health. It is the only organ that we have to take care of from both the inside and the outside.

In Chinese Medicine the state of physical health, emotions, and spirit is reflected on the skin, particularly on the skin of the face. The non-surgical Mei Zen (Beautiful Person) Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture procedure is a holistic, natural and comprehensive skin rejuvenation program designed to restore, revitalize and relax.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture promotes blood and lymph circulation, rehydration, production of elastin and collagen proteins, and reduces tension in the nerves and muscles, enhancing the integrity of the skin and resulting in improved overall facial appearance. A painless, natural technique in which acupuncture needles are placed in a precise configuration just under the skin’s surface, the procedure brings Qi (energy) and blood flow to the face, minimizing wrinkles, improving skin tone and increasing the skin’s luster and radiance. This system of cosmetic acupuncture is a 10-week protocol, with each treatment lasting 45-60 minutes.

Acupuncture Benefits

Some of the reported benefits are reduction and softening of wrinkles, firmer skin and jaw line, vibrant and more even skin tone, reduction or elimination of acne and rosacea. Additionally, there are positive effects to abdominal cosmetic acupuncture procedures that include firmer skin tone, reduction in bloat and cellulite, weight loss and increased libido. Overall health benefits include increased energy and sense of well being, improved digestion, reduction or elimination of insomnia, and decreased hot flashes.

Conveniently located in midtown Manhattan offices, the facilities at Spine and Sports Medicine are designed to maximize your comfort in a soothing environment. For treatment by a licensed Doctor of Acupuncture and trained practitioner in the Mei Zen system, call us today to make an appointment.