Neurological Testing(EMG/NCV)

Neurological Testing(EMG/NCV)

NYC Neurological Testing

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Muscle pain, joint pain, back and neck aches are possible symptoms of a neurological injury or disorder. Spine and Sports Medicine employs a fully integrated approach to your healthcare to ensure the precise evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of the cause of your pain. You’ll receive a comprehensive diagnosis from our physiatrist, a doctor who specializes in pain and rehabilitation, who can refer you directly to our neurologist without the hassle of an outside prescription. You can trust the doctors at Spine and Sports Medicine to comprehensively ease your pain and treat the problem.

On-Site Diagnostic Ultrasounds

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, Spine and Sports Medicine, centrally located in midtown Manhattan, will attend to your needs with expert neurological care. Call us today at 212-986-3888 to make an appointment. We won’t just treat the symptoms. We’ll solve the problem where it starts.