Is Surgery Required to Fix a Herniated Disc?

Fix A Herniated Disc

You owe it to yourself to seek out all non-invasive treatment available to you at spine_and_sports_medicine before considering back surgery to treat a herniated disc. There are alternatives to back surgery – other than shots or pain medications – to alleviate your back pain and get you back to your active, healthy lifestyle.

Fix a Herniated Disc

hip_pain.jpgA herniated disc is an injury that requires a long recovery period. Recovery is only prolonged by improper treatment. This is why – before pursuing surgery – you must have the cause of you back pain diagnosed by one of the doctors at Spine and Sport Medicine.

Discs separate the vertebrae and act as soft, compressible, shock absorbers throughout the spine. A herniated disc is one that has ruptured after being injured – bulging – and left untreated. Disc injuries cause a vast array of pain throughout the body and worsen through bending, twisting, and reaching movements.

Herniated Disc Evaluation and Diagnosis

At spine_and_sports_medicine, your medical history, medications, lifestyle, and symptoms are fully evaluated during an in-depth diagnostic testing process. In light of your symptomology, brian_kessler will use X-ray, CT scan, or MRI scan to ascertain your diagnosis and rule out other potentially serious causes.

Spinal Experts

The spinal experts at spine_and_sports_medicine will thoroughly evaluate your vertebrae screen and design an individualized therapy program for rehabilitation. Chiropractic care can potentially revive your discs and gradually free you from pain. The best chiropractic care is focused on alleviating herniated disc pain through gentle manipulation of the spine, joints, and muscles. A healthy body is achieved through the therapeutic healing of the spine, nervous system, joints, and muscles.

Fix a Herniated Disc

At spine_and_sports_medicine, non-invasive chiropractic treatment options are always explored before surgical recommendations are made. Discover all-encompassing pain management services within one convenient location. To schedule your appointment with one of our physicians, please click the icon below or call 212.986.3888.


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