When to See a Sports Medicine Doctor About Your Hamstring Strain

Ankle_Pain-1If your hamstring strain is making your daily life impossible, it’s time to see Sports Medicine Doctor. Sporting activity and daily workouts must begin with a gentle warm-up to prevent a hamstring strain. A short warm-up routine will prevent most common sports injuries like a hamstring strain.

Hamstring Strains

A broad spectrum sporting activities can lead to hamstrings strains.

  • Runners
  • Skaters
  • Football players
  • Soccer players
  • Basketball players

Standing and walking are a pain with a hamstring strain.

  • Sudden snapping or popping feeling in the upper thigh
  • Severe pain during exercise or sporting activity
  • Tenderness throughout the upper let with tingling and numbness
  • Bruising to the upper thigh skin

The Hamstring

The hamstring is a group of four muscles running along the back of the thigh. These muscles allow you to bend your leg at the knee.

Hamstring Strain Prevention

Healing a hamstring strain is much more difficult than preventing the injury before it occurs. Some tips to prevent a hamstring strain.

  • Warm up hamstring before physical activity
  • Stretch hamstring after physical activity
  • Increase intensity of physical activity slowly – 10 percent increments per week
  • Strengthen hamstring as part of your daily exercise routine
  • Stop physical activity when you feel pain in the back of your thigh

A regular daily workout schedule preceded by a warm-up routine will help prevent weekend or sporadic sporting injuries like hamstring strains.

  • Increases blood flow to muscles
  • Helps flexibility
  • Decreases chance of injury

Listen to Your Body

Be smart and recognize when your body is experiencing fatigue. Muscle fatigue eliminate your innate physical protective reactions and increases risk of injury.


  • P = Protect your body from further injury with splint, pad, or crutch
  • R = Restrict activity by halting your sport until injury subsides
  • I = Apply ice immediately to reduce inflammation – don’t use heat because it encourages swelling and inflammation
  • C = Apply compress with an elastic bandage to reduce swelling
  • E = Elevate the injured area above the heart to reduce swelling

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