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Semaglutide is a medication that is specially designed for type 2 diabetes and recently increased core attention in weight management. So, this medical development has offered a new way of hope for those fighting obesity and weight health issues. 

Well, semaglutide may differ from body to body. So you experience many instances of products for weight loss, and you have used semaglutide before and found unsatisfactory results with it. 

The journey of losing weight is multifaceted as well as complex, with some basic factors such as diet, genetics, health conditions, and lifestyle changes. 

So don’t be perplexed; this article is to cover all your queries about “why am I not losing weight on semaglutide?”. 

Is it Possible To Take Semaglutide Without Losing Weight? 

Numerous semaglutide trials have outstanding results for the 86% of people who lose weight while taking this drug.

 Anyhow, basic mathematics and a short shift in outlook disclose that 86% of patients lose weight and 14% do not. While debating the power of semaglutide, researchers rarely found 14% of patients who didn’t have effective results. 

And if you are also one of them, then you can spar for many reasons. But it’s good news for you that some challenges are quickly resolved. Some may prove more complex.

11 Possible Reasons! Why Does Semaglutide Not Work For Me?

Researchers share their crucial discussion on weight loss plateau as well as challenges while injecting semaglutide or other weight loss drugs. 

So, a physician may help out with a perfect and personalized plan. They treat every patient as independent, with a personalized treatment strategy, which means that every patient is connected individually and needs unique treatment strategies. 

Weight loss health goals can be tricky. So if you stay tuned with a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, and of course these are  healthy habits as well, it will make you strong and fit in physical activity.

If you didn’t get weight loss results with semaglutide, then you might consider the following reasons:

It’s Too Early!

Semaglutide needs some time to function. So yes, there are many people who lost a limited amount of weight loss while in clinical trials. In spite of that, the majority of them lasted for 68 weeks. 

That’s more than a year ago. Yet, there are no fast & hard guidelines, with most endocrinologists and prescribers not recommending the weight loss journey a failure until a patient fails to reduce 3% of body losing weight within three months. 

It might take around three months to identify any noteworthy improvements. So, give yourself some time and use semaglutide for approximately three months. If you continue to get results, contact your doctor. 

Your Dosage Is Insufficient 

To quote from common side effects, including vomiting & nausea, consultants prescribe low doses of this drug. However, pharmacists gradually increase the dosage when your body weight loss completely adjusts to the injectable medication. 

Customized Dosage Table 

A normal semaglutide dosage chart plan starts at 0.25 mg in a week. After that, the dosage would be increased monthly, starting at 0.5, 1.7, 1.0, and 2.4 mg in a week. 

If you are a beginner at using semaglutide or getting it as a little shot combined with some other components at your clinic, then the shot can be insufficient. If this works for you, then consult your provider to increase the dosage. 

You Did Not Take Your Dose 

Are you getting worried about “Why am I not losing weight on semaglutide”? So, the reason behind this situation is that you take a semaglutide dosage as an injection every week. 

Forgetting to take a dosage of semaglutide has a prominent effect. The dosage schedule makes it easier, although skipping a dose might have some detrimental effects on your body weight loss. 

You may not have a prescription covered for a week if you miss to take it. It lasts a lot longer than if you often miss the dosage of semaglutide. 

Here are some keys to help you to remember:

You Might Have to Adjust Your Diet 

Semaglutide provides a massive improvement in the losing weight loss journey, although it may not all work perfectly for you. People will require a decreased caloric intake for it to be effective. 

It mimics natural hormone that give signals to the brain to make it more convenient for you to consume fewer calories every day. However, the common rule of weight loss is still applied, such as you may need to eat less to get your weight in shape. You may have food cravings while adjusting your diet plan.

Semaglutide injection in a week cannot entirely counter regular food choices. Sugar and food with a high fat bear down theri hardest to count weight into the frame, even when the drug tries to take it off. 

Even when semaglutide tries for weight loss, foods heavy in fat and sugar will continue to work hard to pack on weight. Even if you use this medicine, you can see it is difficult to lose weight if you have not made enough or any changes to your bad diet. 

Ensure to avoid zero calories such as soda & candy and skip every type of processed food. Go for fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean meat instead. Boosted fiber quantity and protein both help you feel full for a long time. 

Eat nutrients that are rich in food so people can get a blast of nutrients from little portions because food has many nutrients in it, like salmon, avocados, whole grains, eggs, broccoli, and berries. 

You’re Not Sleeping Well

Just as you need a balanced diet, semaglutide also requires exercising. You do not need to go to the gym every week three times, but you need to move and get up for some time. According to the clinical trial a person needs to have a healthy sleep while having semaglutide medication.

If you have an inactive lifestyle before taking medicine, it can be enough to walk a couple of days a week to get control of weight loss. But if you are active before taking it, then you need to increase your movement and exercise plan. Even with the assistance of a weight loss drug, you must burn more calories than you take in if you wish to lose weight. Getting complete enough sleep is considered a healthy lifestyle. 

Practice good sleep hygiene and see dramatic lifestyle changes. Getting a good night’s sleep is a sign of good health. A normal person needs 8 hours in a night; your sleeping routine is probably not balanced. Poor sleep may cause hormonal changes and lead to some issues in your body. One thing to note is weight gain. 

Even though semaglutide can help to prevent weight gain, it might not be enough to stop weight loss together. But if you are still not seeing the results that you expected from semaglutide, then it might be worth looking into the enough sleep schedule and making a few adjustments if needed. 

After You’ve Tripped Away 

If you have commenced an endeavor to lose weight, you already know about the feared P-word “plateau.” A person needs to lose a significant quantity of weight as fast as possible. 

However, your body is lined up to touch with sustainable weight loss, which is probably a negative thing. Starvation and fearing famine, the body will organically slow down after you have lost a particular quantity of weight. 

Sometimes, it may be frustrating to you, like it’s your body’s same way to defend itself. If you strictly follow the diet plan, medication, and regular exercise, the affected body will speed up metabolism support and get with the program. 

It takes a few weeks; anyhow, there’s no way to rush it. Simply, you have to tripper away and make it the other way.

Other Unexpected Health Issues Do You Have? 

Periodically, the effects of semaglutide are blunted by more health conditions. Insulin resistance is a condition that can occasionally be caused by obesity, but it may additionally exacerbate it. 

Suppose you’ve uncontrolled & undiagnosed diabetes; it may slow down the process of weight loss with semaglutide. Psychological, kidney, and liver issues reduce the drug’s effectiveness. 

This is more common for people who have a complicated metabolism to reduce weight with medicine than those who have minor health problems. But if you are struggling, then consult the provider to check if there can be fundamental health issues. 

Constipation is something that can slow the process of weight reduction, which is probably not what you expect when experience significant weight loss for underlying health. 

You need to manage your metabolism in order to lose weight. It assumes sustaining to break down food. Semaglutide has the capability to slow down digestion and backup, which may hinder weight loss. 

If you are facing a slower process than normal progress, then make sure to receive at least 25 g of fiber every day and drink a lot of water. Furthermore, regular exercise will also be beneficial in bowel movement. 

Everyone can be stressed about weight, but the chronic stress level makes one gain weight in different ways. First of all, if you are consuming overburdened food, then you don’t have time to prepare nutritious food or eat well. 

So it’s your responsibility to manage your exercise time. Stress puts you to eating sugary and fatty meals that do not conflict well with the weight loss objective. At a fundamental level, though, stress will change your hormonal disorder and cause some prominent reactions, like increasing weight. 

How Can I Improve The Efficiency Of Semaglutide? 

The ultimate way to get a noticeable upshot from semaglutide is to know that it’s a tool rather than a substitute. If you consume a nutritious diet and maintain your activities, then the medication will work better and increase your exercise stamina. 

You do not have to begin to go to the gym regularly if you spend your time improving your lifestyle by adding a gym. A small help goes a long way while trying to lose weight. You can try weight loss with your loved one, like friends who encourage you to exercise. 

You can keep in touch with locals or may get help from online groups as well. Make good friends’ company of successful lifestyle changes. Don’t be afraid to ask the health care provider to express your thoughts or frustrations. They help you a lot to design the best plan for you. 

What should I do?

After getting a guide about all the possible reasons, it’s your right to know what I should know, so let’s discuss it. If you take a low dosage of semaglutide, go and have a conversation with your healthcare provider about your condition and concerns, as it may boost your dose and allow you to continue weight loss. 

But if you have an appropriate dosage of  taking Wegovy or Ozempic, although not losing appropriate weight, people benefit from individualized advice from many organizations. These firms utilized compounded semaglutide instead of offering prescriptions. These dosages are FDA-approved and specially designed for weight loss. 

The quantity of these doses is around 0.25 mg to 2.4 mg. They might offer routine check-ups and set your dose routine according to the body’s functionality. Compound semaglutide is less expensive than branded taking Wegovy and is a cost-saving for patients. 

Successful people  receiving a receipt from their insurance company have been known to increase partial payment. So they advise their customers to take benefits of available cost reductions even if not all insurance plans pay your whole cost. 

Compounded semaglutide can not be as inexpensive as the coverage for medication, but they provide the best care to their patients that offers ease in weight loss medication, whether it is 70 pounds or 20 pounds. 

Size of The Semaglutide Dose

People may a require higher dose at the initial stage to get prominent results. But, guidelines are very important to follow to get started with the amount of dosage. For example, you can increase it by 0.25 mg of Olympic, and after that, you can increase it according to the doctor’s recommendation. 

A better surgeon & a medical director said some patients could not see the needed weight loss consequences until they reach a higher dosage. If a patient does not follow the prescription regularly, they might miss the dose. 

Weight loss plateau are a normal fact in the weight loss journey. Initially, when patients begin to take Ozempic, they might often experience significant weight loss. It’s the same for every new diet and healthy exercise routine. 

Other researchers said that the body relies on life changes, losing weight, slowing down, or going to a temporary halt. These weight loss plateau can last for many weeks or months and differ from person to person. 

The Bottom Line

The best part to deal with the advantage of semaglutide is to reuse it as a tool or device and not as a replacement. This medication will be a much more effective on-off option if you take it as a solid regimen & exercise. 

You do not need to start going to the rec center on a regular basis if you have been inactive. Even small changes like walking rather than going to stairs or elevators or lifts make you more active by taking active ingredient like fresh food and fruits and fit and have a positive impression on your body. 

Weight loss medication is really helpful to loss body weight. If you are struggling, then you should consult the doctor if you feel some underlying health condition.